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It’s Mancini That Needs To Grow Up, Not Mario

The Internet appears to be alight this  with fans of every club sniggering at Mario Balotelli’s failed back heel.

I’m just glad I’m not stuck in an enclosed space with this braying donkeys this morning.

“Haw haw haw, what a clown!”

These are people who like Mancini lack perspective. I should point out I suppose that I’m neither a Balotelli lover or hater. But I do love football. So I’m qulified to comment from that viewpoint.

This was a friendly game. Pre-season games are –  last time I looked – designed to blow off the cobwebs and give players a chance to gel in front of a live audience. Not a matter of life or death. That said if you lose every friendly 15-0, you might want to take a closer look your team’s overall plan.

So Mario was pretty much through on goal, tried to showboat and it failed. So what? Critics really desperate to hound the player have even tried the old, ‘it was disrespectful‘ to the Americans that he attempted such a stunt. And Mancini is on the radio this morning telling us that in football, players should be serious all the time.

Bob, lighten up you humourless tart. This is the beautiful game. If I wanted to watch some tedious  extravaganza of pin point passing and predictable finishes I go and watch Arsenal train.

I suppose you didn’t enjoy Escape To Victory either?

And as for the Americans being upset… two thoughts. One: Mario didn’t score. Two: Isn’t this the nation that gave us the Harlem Globetrotters?!

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Article title: It’s Mancini That Needs To Grow Up, Not Mario

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