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It’s Time To End Hooligan Behaviour For Good

The Leeds Vs Sheffield Wednesday brought back some horrific memories for many respectable fans, a so called Leeds fan decided to attack Wednesday goalkeeper Chris Kirkland with obvious intention. This isn’t the first example of fan incidents so far this season, and it has to stop now, before things get out of hand.

Since the 70’s there has always been an issue regarding the hooligan culture surrounding British football, the likes of Heysel when Liverpool took on Juventus the straw that broke the camels back in terms of fan violence. The 90’s seemed to bring a lull to the highly inappropriate actions that once dominated sporting headlines, and in the 2000’s, it had appeared that violence in the stands in Britain had finally ceased to be a major problem.

There have still been pocketed incidents however, and it seems that the soft stance still maintained by the FA with light fines to the clubs is failing to curb the ugly head of hooliganism from rising once more. Millwall Vs West Ham has often created violent encounters, the likes of Manchester United Vs Liverpool also a regular occurrence for reported incidents amongst fans.

This Leeds incident featuring the ‘fan’ known as Aaron Cawley is the final action that must provoke a strong reaction from the FA immediately. Cawley has already been banned from every ground in football, and has broken the rule several times, making an absolute mockery of the system. A small fine towards the club wont do either, what’s £50,000 to a club even as broke as Leeds United?

It’s time for footballs governing bodies and nip this in the bud before we wind up with fans like Serbia again. £50,000 fine? Try a £500,000 for the next time a clubs fans step over the line, and start doing things like assaulting football players. Half a million is quite a hit for any club not named Chelsea or Manchester City to take, and fans will certainly not want to risk their clubs finances with acts of stupidity on the pitch. Should they repeat their actions though, the FA need to impose a massive declaration of serious action with nothing less than a nine point deduction, with no chance of appeal. No matter how much some fans may want to impress their friends by going on the pitch and committing immature acts like the Leeds game, I doubt they would receive such a warm welcome if it wound up costing their club either a promotion/continental place, or ended up sending them down a league.

If such a harsh punishment doesn’t derail the most idiotic of fans from doing it again, double the point deduction to 18, and continue to do so every further act caused. No fan, no matter how stupid, wants to see their club plummet down the divisions and risk potential bankruptcy.

This sort of action has to be stopped, and can only be stopped with the most severe of sanctions, otherwise British football will enter the dark ages once more.

What are your thoughts regarding this issue? Leave your comments below.

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Article title: It’s Time To End Hooligan Behaviour For Good

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