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‘They’ve Had Nothing But Sweetners Since I’ve Been Here So They Have To Suffer The Odd Bad Day’

Sunday? It must be Songs Of Praise

These words of wisdom from Tottenham’s glorious leader, Harry Redknapp.

In response to be booed left right and centre, poor old Harry didn’t believe that the mugs in the stands were playing fair.

And he’s got a point. Just because we pay his wages and the wages of the listless show ponies he calls a football team, why on earth would we feel in anyway entitled to complain when they lose at home to third rate outfit like Wigan?

There has been a malaise at White Hart Lane for years. Decades. Specifically a drink culture and a complacency that undermines virtually any success.

I can’t believe Redknapp’s comments. I thought and was clearly deluded in thinking it that Harry was an old school, no nonsense manager. But it turns out he’s just as useless as some of his players. Any frustrations he showed in relation to attitude were obviously just to fend off the hassle from the punters.

The odd bad day? Harry, you’ve got more front than Southend, but good to hear you’re practicing for the England job.

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