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Jermaine Jenas’ New Club

After yesterday’s news that Jermaine is finally for sale, enter stage left freshly promoted Newcastle United.

Let’s dispense with all the crazy talk of Jenas going to Inter, shall we? At the risk of sounding like Lloyd Grossman, the clues are all there.

Here we have a player that failed. Failed to influence at Tottenham. Failed to make a genuine impact in a side that was crying out for an influential midfielder, a side crying out for dynamism and definition. What he gave Spurs fans instead were fleeting glimpses of what might have been.  Oh yes, Mourinho must be creaming himself at the very thought.

He earned the name Marmite (well, on the Internet anyway). But my contention was always that people who liked Marmite really liked it. Embraced the stuff, When they saw a jar they imeadiately thought, ‘yum yum’. But Jenas fans saw him and thought, ‘Don’t go missing this time’.

Manchester United saw Carrick and took him. Who has looked twice at Jenas?

Jenas has talked a good one. If there was ever an opportunity for him to trot out the old ambassadorial sketch, he was in like Flynn. ‘We believe we can push for that Top 4 spot’. Jermaine, some people believe in angels, but they have the self respect not to stick their stupid face in the press every three weeks to announce the point.

Towards the end, I think he could honestly feel the anger he was inciting and his game became became constricted. Lateral balls and backward passes became the order of the day.

So good luck at Toon, the club you never should have left.

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Article title: Jermaine Jenas’ New Club

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