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John Terry, Adolf Hitler, The List Goes On…

I recall the words of one of my old history teachers.

 ‘If you want to write a  book about Hitler, what a rotter he was and how many terrible things he did, then good luck with that.

If you want to write a book about Hitler that actually sells, then you’ll need to come up with how he was given a bad press, had a lot of great ideas,  sent his mother money every week, no matter how busy he was invading or exterminating.’

So here’s a piece on the Chelsea capt NOT baying for blood.

If this media trial and to much extent sentencing had a soundtrack it would be Killing In The Name Of. Which is to say a great chorus, a good beat to it, but very few toe tappers have actually stopped to see what it’s about.

I don’t know John. Never met him. My opinion, after this rather nasty business is that I’m still in no rush to do either. He and indeed his realtives  have been plagued by well earned scandal. Shoplifting, drug dealing, you name it, they’ve done it.

But all this moral high horse business simply isn’t right.  Nobody’s ever stopped musicians from recording because of their groupie consumption. Some of Hollywood’s most famous leading men have been historically generous with their wedding vegetable distribution. Aside from the odd bunch of fives and the occasional pay off, nobody’s career was ever scuppered simply because some tart said, ‘Oh go on then’.

The crusade against him at this stage anyway, centres upon a supposed lack of morality.  He’s not been caught stealing. Nor insider trading. No nasty piccies of minors on his hard drive.

He’s the villain? As yet, I see one of the women named as being represented by Max Clifford and it is rumoured to being courted by the press with a figure said to be c. £250,000 for her story.

Let me be blunt,  the facts are that Chelsea’s captain is on gardening leave, not on remand in Belmarsh. So whilst no expert, I’m pretty confident if any sexual congress did take place we can pretty much put the rent money on it having been consential.

And so that leads us nicely to …girls who just can’t say no.

Should John Terry lose his International captaincy simply because he met a woman as awful as him?  I think not.  Perhaps it’s time to look beyond your prejudice.

Yes he’s a dog.  Yes, it’s probably true that most people wouldn’t want to be stuck in a lift with him. But that’s not the issue. The issue is or ought to be that it absolutely takes two to tango.

Whatever chillingly unpleasant/all too crass to be innaccurate revelations there may or may not be in the next ten days, the bottom line is John Terry may be a lot of things, many of which many may find despicable, but a moral compass for the nation he ain’t.  Stop acting outraged because he never signed up to be one.

He signed up to play football. For club and hopefully, country. The campaign for common sense starts here.

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Article title: John Terry, Adolf Hitler, The List Goes On…

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