Just look at the state of this ex-Arsenal duo and this ex-Tottenham boss

Our punters in the Football Transfer Tavern are falling around with laughter after seeing this hilarious viral image and we have to agree, it is certainly something.

Now we have seen our fair share of Tim Sherwood vines and virals in the last few months but this one could well be the best of the bunch, and as one of our regulars notes over a beer and game of pool with our landlord, at least this time there are a couple of former Arsenal legends to share in his humiliation!

Sherwood is of course set to face off against Arsenal as Aston Villa manager in the FA Cup final, so we expect to see a few more of these yet.

Spurs fans. Take a look at this!

Arsenal fans. Is finishing above Spurs yet again going to be enough to keep you happy this season or is Wenger once again letting you down? Let us know your thoughts below.

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