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Keegan to return…somewhere…

"You tube Mike, he said you f**king tube..."

"You tube Mike, he said you f**king tube..."

£2m richer, mainly because Dennis Wise wanted him to buy players based on Youtube tribute vids, and a cushy job on ESPN warbling on about why Anton Ferdinand was unlucky and not just terminally stupid, is not enough for former Newcastle boss Kevin Keegan. Saturday’s appearance on ESPN as an expert for the Manchester UnitedSunderland clash saw Keegan quizzed by the fat-faced chubster Ray Stubbs in typically harsh Stubbsy fashion and the upshot of it all was, yes he’s happy the truth is out there, yes he’s sad about Newcastle and yes he’s got £2m in his back pocket and would love to return to football. Surprise eh?

This news, of course, has some people making Keegan now odds on favourite to take over at any of the ailing Premier League sides. I bet Paul Hart was jumping through hoops in delight when the permed Brut icon, announced he was hoping for a new post. Phil Brown too will be looking over his shoulder unless results improve. But really, if you were Keegan, would you want to return to football, when the biggest thing you are remembered for is this?

Keegan now comes with so much baggage that any chairman would have to be mad, desperate or have more money than sense to even consider him as manager. Fortunately for Keegan, there are plenty around that fit that description quite easily and so he can probably look forward to taking over the helm of a struggling Premier League side at some point during the season.

However with £2m burning a hole in his pocket, surely he could contribute more than just keeping his talents in the football arena? I mean the music scene hasn’t been the same since this;

At least it’ll get that rubber faced, bowl headed, warbling harridan Susan Boyle off the front page of Kerrang! (That’s the magazine’s exclamation mark, not mine).

Keegan should invest his windfall in music and let us see what Simon Cowell could do with Keegan instead. He could do worse than sticking him as a reserve for the Sugababes, who change their line up more times than Rafa Benitez.

What do you think Kev will do next?

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