Kenny Huang Show ….Episode I

In recent weeks Kenny Huang and his consortium have been strongly linked with the potential new ownership of Liverpool Football Club. Yesterday this speculation only intensified with reports that the Chinese buisnessman was in talks with the Royal Bank of Scotland to take over the reigns at Anfield.

While this potential move would no doubt help Liverpool prosper financially, who is Kenny Huang and is his consortium right for Liverpool football Club?

Well to give you all a little bit of information, Kenny Huang is seen as a very influential businessman in the far east, having amassed this reputation as chairman of QLS Sports Group, which are a Hong Kong based investment company.

However, its not only in the business of stockbrokerage where Huang has made his name,  the Columbia University student has also built up a large reputation within sport both in China and in the US through another of his companies, SportsPro Media China. These links have enabled Huang’s reputation to grow considerably over the years, establishing partnerships with NBA sides such as the Houston Rockets and Cleveland Cavaliers, aswell as baseball giants, the New York Yankees.

Through these developed partnerships, Huang started a new business venture called Rocket Capital, which has now begun buying up a range of business within China such as the country’s biggest automotive firm, Brilliance Auto.

While most of the money which would be coming into the Merseyside club would be from the backers of the consortium which Huang heads, the possbility of breaking into the Chinese market with Huang’s connections could bring untold masses in financial revenue through merchandising and television rights. This would also enable the club to become the first football side to successfully crack the very lucrative Chinese market bringing about further financial opportunities through sponsorship and pre season tours.

In addition to the financial increase which the consortium could bring, Huang has also promised to move the Reds into a brand new stadium as soon as possible. A promise which was made by current owners Tom Hicks and George Gillett some two years ago, pledging the build on the new Stanley Park site would begin within 60 days, which as of yet has not begun.

The only stumbling block in a potential deal remains in the valuation of the club. Huangs proposed bid to buy the clubs £237 million debt would see current owners Hicks and Gillett leave the club having made no profit on the endeavour. The American duo value the club at closer to £600 million, a price which is very much way and beyond reasonable for any potential backer.

As a whole, the potential deal, if a suitable fee for the club can be agreed between the two parties, creates a very positive outlook for Liverpool Football Club. The rising sun seems to be hopefully setting itself firmly over Anfield as the side look to establish themselves as the top club in English football once more.

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