Lack of transfer action is really starting to affect Spurs fans

Lack of transfer action is really starting to affect Spurs fans

This summer has been tough on Tottenham fans. They’ve watched on as all of their top six rivals sign new players and splash the cash whilst all their club can muster is a club statement releasing transport information for local residents and businesses.

Tottenham fans have latched onto the above tweet and whilst some of them understand the funny side of things, others are just losing their minds as they continue with their transfer inactivity. Most Tottenham fans have been waking up thinking that today is the day they finally sign a player, although it never is and they’ve been doing this for weeks now, however, it’s good to know that local residents and businesses have transport information.

It really is farcical in North London. Just four and a half miles down the road as The Emirates Unai Emery has welcomed five new players to his squad. Nothing of the sort is going on at Tottenham, though, with the fans just days away from rioting about Daniel Levy’s lack of action and movement. Most fans were led to believe that this window would be a huge one for them with loads of money being splashed and players coming in, but now there are just ten days left and most fans are losing hope.

You can read the Lillywhites’ verdict on their summer here:

It’s getting to the point where every club post will be frowned upon until the club can announce a new signing.

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