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All the days transfer tattle that is barely fit to print in excess of 140 characters.

It’s been a brisk day. Well, ish.

In no particular order then…whilst Twitterer Tottenham‘s David Bentley revealed that ‘Life In Film’ boasts ‘unreal tunes’…HR was watching a footballer called Remy, but one cannot help but feel he’d rather sign Craig Bellamy.

Jacqui Oatley was busy.  Had a lovely interview with Tottenham goalie Gomes.He was of course his usual charming self and that’ll be going out in advance of the ‘Big Game’.

Newcastle calling ….Ben Arfa apparently not only refusing to train but apparently he went as far as turning up ‘not to train’ with a lawyer. There was then a fair bit of verbal scrapping culminating in Marseilles’s prez insisting in a cash sale. So you listening then, Ashley?

Manchester United are playing the, ‘we always mock up player profile of players even crap sites like TT link us with ’em’  card in relation to the gun jumping on Ozil. Yeah sure. Tribal linked Sunderland with Lionel’ Messi last week and now 7 men have had to be laid off.

On the Liverpool front, Kenny Huang says, ‘ It is certainly not my own money, but money in an investment consortium. Then he says, ‘... the (LFC) board given us a positive response, there are still plenty of unknowns..I am 50% confident we will aquire the club…answer in 10 days’.

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