Lessons learned from the weekend:3rd-4th October

FerdinandAntonAnd lo, it came to pass that Sir Alex did protesteth much against the lack of added time, for it was obvious to all who watched that not enough had been added, merely because Manchester United didn’t win. And unto the press did Fergie spaketh saying unto them “The referee was rubbish, and he was fat and unfit!” and lo the fans agreed, for Fergie never spoketh abject toss. “He never added on enough time!” moan-ed the United boss. He spaketh not about how his team had been rancid bowel-juice for the majority of the game, nor didst he mention Kieran Richardson’s help by being an utter tool, nor Rio Ferdinand’s brother proving which one of them got the brains in that family (and that’s saying something). For the great truth is, it seems, United never play badly, they are only conspired against.

Yay verily onto Turf Moor where Burnley won once again. Manager Owen Coyle must be pleased, and if his team could actually be bothered to defend away from home, they may have a chance of staying up. Birmingham look doomed. Still that £6m invested in Christian Benitez looks money well spent eh?

“Oh Ye of little faith!” sayest Phil Brown at Hull after they defeated Wigan 2-1 at the KC stadium. The Tigers boss talked down someone from jumping off the Humber Bridge last week. A few more wins like this may persuade a few more angst ridden Hull fans not to take the plunge. Wigan meanwhile seem to be an object lesson in how to be consistently inconsistent. How can you beat Chelsea one week and lose to Hull? I’d hate to be a Wigan fan at the moment, it’d be like going out on a Saturday one week and pulling Salma Hayek, then the next week coming home with a pissed up Keith Chegwin, with your only solace being a pork pie and some mournful self-abuse.

Onto Molyneux where miracles do happen. Portsmouth won. They’ve still not been paid their wages yet though, so who knows how long they’ll have to wait for their win bonus, one hope it isn’t too long as it may be a while until they get their next one. Their new investor is apparently in hospital with kidney stones, whic hurt like buggery, but it is still not quite as painful as watching Pompey play this season. Maybe that’s why he’s set to sell them on almost immediately?

Cesc Fabregas put in an outstanding display against Blackburn to lead Arsenal to a 6-2 romp. For once the syrup sweet eulogising from the Sky TV pundits were right, he was brilliant. At one point through I did think David Platt was going to go down on one knee and ask for his hand in marriage or just start crying.

Chelsea’s title dreams took a big step forward with a 2-0 win over Liverpool. I think we learned Ancelotti’s golden touch is still there and that he has added a touch of steel and belief to this Chelsea team. What did we learn about Liverpool? They still can’t handle Drogba, they still persist with the staggeringly inept Lucas and as much as Reds fans get up in arms about it and fling their dummies out of the pram, Jamie Carragher is struggling, big time. Oh yes, and selling Alonso was the worst piece of business since David Moores sold the club to the Yanks.

Did you learn much else this weekend?

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