Let’s Kick John Terry Out Of Football

John Terry is certainly a man that divides opinion, that’s for sure. Some still regard the Chelsea and England captain as your archetypal English lion. A man who’s paid his football dues and risen to the very top of his profession.

Others find him the very embodiment of the so called, ‘Chav’ culture.  A monied lout with a moral compass long, long broken. Allegations have followed John Terry for years. Most have been substantiated. ‘The Terry Gene’ as I named it in a recent blog is as resilient as a cockroach. Despite a constant stream of pretty loathsome revelations in the tabloid press including relieving himself in pint pots, (did say the stream was constant?) womanizing and gambling …oh look, you don’t need me to itemise John’s achievements. Just type ‘John Terry’ into Google and see what you get.

And just dwelling upon the ‘Terry Gene’, careful you don’t just put in Terry football shame. You may well end up with his brother Paul. Who? Oh, sorry I presumed you were al up to speed. Paul had a fling with a Rushden & Diamond team mate’s wife. That man’s name was Dale Roberts. I use the past tense, as Dale committed suicide.

Of course there is a supporting cast of Terrys. Mum and mum in law were both infamously nabbed shoplifting and cautioned. They accepted, not contested the police cautions. Old man Terry was infamously busted after being exposed the News Of The World as a two bob cocaine fixer.

The latest fracas specifically involving John, the leader of the Terry pack involves Queens Park Rangers’ Anton Ferdinand and let’s be honest it hardly sent shock waves through the footballing world. More a case of  oh no, dearie me, not again. It was Terry of course that infamously said ‘something’ to Tottenham’s Ledley King that sent the ordinarily laid back Spurs skipper into a rage and curiously all the nearby Tottenham players who were black into an equally furious spin.

Has old John been a victim of a vicious low rent media campaign that should have spent more time focusing on his ‘on pitch’ activities? Oh no, hang on… that wouldn’t actually help him out, would it?

So what to do? Simple. Let’s start to reclaim the game. Let’s make a stand against a modern day phenomena that is killing the modern game. Let’s kick John Terry out of football.

Guest blogger Harry Hotspur 


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