Liverpool And West Ham Play Swapsies With A Little Over 2 Hours Remaining…

I'll give you an Action Man with one arm for three Blue Peter annuals

It’s been confirmed by someone other than a Sky Sports source that Liverpool and West Ham have broken cover and are gearing up to trade horses. A milk horse for a non runner some unkind commentators might call it.

Carlton Cole wants out of West Ham. Perhaps his GP made the recommendation in an attempt to lift a depressive condition, maybe, just maybe, he wants to play football. Roy Hodgson I believe, will certainly offer him that chance.

Going the other way, Ryan Babel. What Babel’s thoughts are on this, we do not know. He too will undoubtedly get the chance for regular footy is a deal were to brokered here, that much is true.

Avram Grant is reportedly walking round the training ground talking on his mobile. He’s either ordering a pizza or doing a deal.

This is the way of this August window. Loans, part ex’s and the gentle shuffling of deck chairs on the 2nd Class passenger deck of the Titanic.

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