Liverpool fans have fail proof plan no matter what the result

Liverpool fans are not too impressed with the latest viral shown here in the Football Transfer Tavern – although as our landlord and punters note, we think they are perfect!

Some clever so and so has complied a flowchart that the Reds seem to have been using for the past couple o’ decades – and it involves their two favourite things – gloating about a win and talking about their famous history.

As we all know, Liverpool fans used to be quite successful but it has been a fair wack of time since they won anything of note, but that does not deter their fans from being regular viewers of the history channel and telling us all just what they used to be like!

Have a look at the flowchart for yourselves below – and prepare for the sheer amount of ‘history’ we will have to hear about after Real Madrid visit Anfield!

lfc flow chart

Liverpool fans. Do you think that this flowchart is the way forward? Should we make printouts and stick them up in the tavern? Will Manchester United fans be using it soon? Let us know your thoughts below.

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