Liverpool fans on Twitter dreading the new season after another Karius clanger

Most Liverpool fans can forgive a player for making a few mistakes here or there, but when it comes Loris Karius, the German has reached the point of no return. The 25-year-old shot-stopper has been at Anfield for two seasons and has made error after error, with the worst of the lot coming in the club’s biggest game for 12 years.

No Tranmere away in a pre-season friendly last night, but in Kiev against Real Madrid in the Champions League final. The German effectively threw the ball into his own net twice and will never truly be forgiven by any Liverpool fans. The fans have only just started to get over calamity Karius’ mistakes when he made yet another blunder last night against Tranmere, just to remind the Kopites what they’ve been missing.

This summer has been one where most Liverpool fans have spent their time on Twitter, urging their club to sign one of either Jan Oblak or Alisson Becker. However, there’s now less than a month remaining in the transfer window and the fans are still stuck with Karius and none of them are optimistic ahead of the new season with him between the sticks. In a way, some fans are sympathetic with the goalkeeper as the boo-boys seemed to really affect his game, although it’s a valid point that if he can’t handle Tranmere fans then he’ll have no chance in the Premier League.

You can read what the Reds were saying about Karius on Twitter here:

After reading a handful of Liverpool fans tweets, it’s clear to see what they’re all thinking as the Premier League season creeps closer.

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