Liverpool fans react to Dejan Lovren’s bizarre Instagram post

Liverpool fans react to Dejan Lovren’s bizarre Instagram post

Dejan Lovren is one of those players who always finds a way of getting himself criticised by fans of both his club and others. The Croatian defender has been on the losing side in both the World Cup and the Champions League finals over the last few months and after joining back up with Liverpool his strange Instagram post has led a lot of Reds to question the 29-year-old.

Lovren has managed to be loved and hated by his fan base at the same time and whilst some of the fans can’t wait to see him back in the side partnering Virgil van Dijk, a lot of others are desperate to see the back of him and strange posts on Instagram whilst he’s out injured don’t help his cause with this group of fans. However, his achievements with the club aren’t to be glossed over and he’s contributed to some big moments.

At the moment, though, a lot of Reds are swinging towards Joe Gomez, especially after his display against West Ham on Sunday, granted he might have had less to do than usual in the 4-0 win. Overall, it seems that a lot of Liverpool fans aren’t Lovren fans and, with his comments in the World Cup claiming he’s one of the best defenders in the world followed by his strange social media posts, a lot of Kopites are keen to wash their hands of the defender.

You can read the Reds’ Lovren verdict here:

Just from the handful of tweets above you can see that the supporters are a bit worried by Lovren’s strange post and will be waiting to see how long it is before he’s fit again.

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