Liverpool fans sick of hearing the same thing every summer

Liverpool fans sick of hearing the same thing every summer

The Premier League season is just 16 days away and most clubs are starting to finalise their preparations for the new season. However, for Liverpool fans, it’s that time of year where an injury prone player is described as “like a new signing” by a journalist. This time around, it’s Adam Lallana being touted as a new man by James Pearce of the Liverpool Echo.

The 30-year-old midfielder made just three starts for the Reds last season and has claimed himself that the 2017/189 season was a write-off for him as he missed out on most of the campaign and a place in Gareth Southgate’s World Cup squad for the summer. Unfortunately, it wasn’t to be for the ex-Southampton man but considering his previous record with injuries, most fans weren’t surprised to see him on the sidelines for a lot of the season.

This time last season a lot of fans were touting Daniel Sturridge as their man to watch as he aimed to turn his career around and get back to the form that he found when he was playing alongside Luis Suarez in the 2013/14 season. That wasn’t the case for poor Sturridge and for most Kopites, the feeling is that Lallana won’t be able to sustain his fitness long enough to break back into the first-team over the club’s other options.

You can read the Liverpool fans’ verdict on Lallana being like a new signing here:

The fans are all a bit frustrated by this Lallana claim and would much rather just see Nabil Fekir to sign to take the onus off of Lallana to be fit and the creative force.

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