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Liverpool Manager Accused!

GillettGeorgeLiverpool fans are a somewhat fervent bunch. At the moment, the focus of their malcontent is the fact that Anfield’s own Dynamic Duo, Tom Hicks and George Gillett, are still owners of the club and won’t dip their hands into their pockets to give Rafa the Ranter the money he needs to buy every half decent player in existence, nor build a brand new stadium. Selfish Yanks that they are.

However today things took a turn for the worse when details broke of Gillett’s meeting with the “Spirit of Shankly” group, prior to the home game with Hull City. During the meeting the ever tactful American pointed out to irate Reds fans;

 “In the last 18 months, we have invested £128 million on top of what has come in. That means it should be getting better, Now if it’s not getting better, it’s not Gillett and Hicks, it’s the manager.

“You have to make sure you balance out your analysis. There was plenty of money, so if you have any complaints, take a look at the ins and outs.”

Oh dear me… It seems George has finally blown a gasket over Reds fans pointing their fingers at him and his co-chairman as the main reason for their problems. He also poured scorn on the notion that Liverpool were the poor relations of the bigger sides in the English game, stating;

“The club is in extraordinarily good financial condition. Far better than Manchester United, Chelsea or Arsenal.

“We have invested massively, we have put more money in than anyone other than Manchester City, with the craziness they have got.”

Quite how Gillett has worked this out is beyond the grasp of most reds fans. Liverpool were in debt to the tune of £40m-£60m under David Moores. Now the club are nearly £250m in debt, the new ground seems about as likely to happen as a Gary Glitter comeback, interest payments on the debt, according to one Liverpool fan group, run to around £1m every nine days, and to cap it all, the chairman is taking a pop at Rafa Benitez, the one man who most Reds fans idolise to the point of almost Shankly-esque devotion. It almost seems as if Gillett is positively revelling in the sides misfortune and the chance to paint Benitez as the real bad guy and the fans as idiots who can’t add up and refuse point blank to support the two men who just have the heart and soul of the club

Sadly most Liverpool fans think that they know the truth, George; ‘Gillett – The best a Manc can get’.

So who is to blame? Is it all the American’s fault? Isn’t Rafa’s team selection and transfer policy over the years even partly to blame? Has George got this right? Do you follow his logic? Can anybody follow his logic? (We reckon even Stephen Hawking would struggle) Is Rafa reallt a duff gaffa? Or is does George really believe the fans will believe his version of events? But most importantly, we must ask how much has he bunged the Reds accountant to come up with his figures?

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Article title: Liverpool Manager Accused!

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