Liverpool players get mixed up in massive gaffe in newspaper

Our punters cannot believe their eyes here in the Football Transfer Tavern as they see this viral image from the Guardian, who have managed to write an article about racism in football and confuse Mario Balotelli and Daniel Sturridge.

Now while we think that would’ve been pretty bad no matter what the article, the fact that the mess up happened when discussing¬†such a sensitive topic has made it 100 times worse for the paper, who will certainly be bracing themselves for a hell of a lot of stick as the image goes viral.

As one of our punters quips over a pint, this is not the first time two players have been mixed up and referees must be pretty pleased that for once, it isn’t them in trouble!

Have a look at this shocking slip!


Liverpool fans. How different would your season have been if Sturridge had been fit all the way through it? Let us know your thoughts below.

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