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Liverpool Shirts Now £10!

Oh for the love of… It’s that tub-thumper from The Tavern with another ‘Liverpool’ blog. You’re damn right.  This from Help Save Liverpool…
Our club, the club that we love, is slowly but surely being exploited and bled dry by our two American owners.

We have two options.

Option one – we stand by, watch, and do nothing. This will eventually result in our club ceasing to exist. You may think this sounds exaggerated, but it is the truth.

Option two – we fight back. We do something about it, and we do something NOW. We do anything and everything that we can to force those two out of our club, and help to secure it’s future.

The mission is to bring Liverpool FC fans together, educate about the situation the club is in, and update members on what we can do to try and change that situation.

1. Firstly, invite every single Liverpool fan you know to this group, and urge them to do the same. Many fans are still unaware of, or choose to ignore, our current plight, and they may only get the picture if they woke up one day and our club no longer existed. We can change that. Get people to join this group, so they can be educated on the problems within the club, and join the cause to cure those problems.

2. Have a look at the photos section. Spread these images however you can – set them as your profile picture if you wish, click “Share” to post them to your wall, post them on Twitter, link them in emails, anything. Spread the word, get the message out there.

3. If you are not already a member, join the Spirit of Shankly, the Liverpool FC Supporters Union. SOS is one of the only organisations which is taking our club’s future into consideration and attempting to change it for the better, by trying to force Hicks and Gillett out of our club. Join them, it is £10 to save the future of Liverpool FC.

Join here –

You can also become a fan of Spirit of Shankly on Facebook –

4. If you ever hear any Liverpool fans saying that the owners are not a problem, or that “everything will be fine”, or something similar, tell them the truth – without action being taken, everything will be far from ‘fine’.

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Article title: Liverpool Shirts Now £10!

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