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“I Can’t Take it Anymore” – A Liverpool Fan’s Admission

Last night was a joke. The Newcastle match was a joke and my support for this whole facade has been a joke.

I’ve often said that being a Liverpool fan is harder than it looks, sure you get the occasional success, but on Merseyside you often get built up to be let down.

Put it this way, if I was a Wolves fan I’d be happy to stay up in the Premier League and getting 3 points off so-called “big boys” at Anfield would feel like a historical triumph. On the other side of it though, getting beat by Wolves at home as a Liverpool fan is stomach wrenching.

But, I’ve supported Roy throughout. I was a definite advocate of seeing Benitez walk and therefore I felt it was my duty to get behind our new manager, but he’s lost the plot. I read a rumour the other week that he did an interview for LFC TV that they couldn’t even air because he was that delirious. He can’t take the pressure, he looks ill and the players just won’t play for him.

The lads on the pitch have the ability, but they look like they couldn’t care less. You have to ask why that is. Bad tactics? Unrest in the camp? Or do they want Roy out as much as we do?

The January window is looming, we need a leader to take us forward, make big changes and some brave decisions. With Roy’s power becoming undermined by poor performances, he can’t possibly instil confidence in any signings he brings in. Furthermore, can Roy bring in any big players? Surely a manager that is struggling to hold onto his job whilst trying to steer a sinking ship isn’t the best advertisement for a potential signing.

William Hill has made Roy their favourite to get the axe next in the Premier League and it’s no surprise in a week that Phil Neal has suggested that Bill Shankly would be “turning in his grave” had he seen what’s going on.

I personally can’t take it anymore and it has to end here before it’s too late. The problem is, who do you bring in at such short notice? If Roy does get the boot, I hope the board are ready for a swift transition. It’s probably too late to save our season, and sacking him tomorrow maybe too little, too late. Cross your fingers Liverpool fans, we need all the luck we can get.

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Article title: “I Can’t Take it Anymore” – A Liverpool Fan’s Admission

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