Transfer flashbacks: Alberto Moreno

Transfer flashbacks: Alberto Moreno

When Liverpool signed Alberto Moreno in 2014, fans thought they had found the player to solve their defensive woes. They soon became extremely disillusioned. 

Liverpool had just completed their most successful season in recent memory, pushing champions Man City all the way throughout the season, before being tipped at the end. The new season brought hope, and Moreno (valued now at £9m on Transfermarkt.co.uk) was part of that.

Through Luis Suarez, The Reds could score plenty of goals that season; it was at the other end of the field that they struggled. They were far too weak in defence and conceded a lot of goals, which could have ultimately lost them the title.

Therefore, a pacey, attacking left-back seemed to fit the bill of what supporters wanted at the club. A player that could contribute in attack, but still provide defensive solidity.

This is what the fans had to say on the day of his signing:

However, fans at Anfield were soon to become very disappointed with their signing. While the Spanish left-back offered a lot going forward, he offered nothing defensively, perhaps even making the team’s defence worse.

His positional unawareness and sloppy errors where noticed by fans, who did not take kindly him. He has had some iconically poor performances; one against Sevilla in the Champions League has lived long in the memories of disappointed fans.

Although he still remains at the club, Liverpool had to thoroughly search for a new left-back, as Moreno was simply not doing the job. Fortunately, the emergence of Andrew Robertson has spared Moreno, and the personnel that recruited the Spaniard, blushes from another disastrous signing. Moreno has now simply become a back-up left-back for the club, although this will still leave some fans unhappy.

All in all, it was a signing that promised a lot for the club, but has delivered very little so far.

This is that fans’ view of their left-back:

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