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Bellamy vs Defoe

An assessment as grueling as Gladiators, who will survive the travelator and come out on top?!

Let the games begin!

Who would win in….a race?

Literally too hard to call. Bellamy and Defoe are both very, very quick. On recent evidence I might have to sway towards the Welshman. After being deployed on the wing, the raw pace of the man has been terrorising full-backs all season. While Defoe may have a quicker ‘first five yards’, I reckon Bellamy might have the edge in a longer race.

Who would win in…a fight?

Even without the aid of a golf club, there is only one winner in my eyes. Bellamy is border-line insane at times, especially when angry. He may have been ‘battered’ by a United fan last month but I still think Bellamy would put little Jermain in his place.

Who would win…the golden boot award?

Both renowned for their goal scoring ability but one has had more success than the other. Bellamy’s 20 goals in the last 3 seasons, albeit having played just 7 games in one of those, is hardly a scratch on the 41 scored by Jermain Defoe, and that is not counting his tally for this season.

Who would win…with the ladies?

Jermain Defoe girls will return 44,800 results in Google search. Whereas Craig Bellamy girlfriend returns just 25,100. Funnily ‘Craig Bellamy golf club’ beats them all with 54,300 results. A string of glamour models and wanabe WAGS have been associated with the Spurs striker who surely wins this category.

Who would win…on Facebook?

Surprisingly Bellamy has 8,270 ‘fans’ compared to Defoe’s 7,462. Although there are many more groups which include the words Craig Bellamy alongside a number of words I could not repeat on here. Might say something about the reputation the player has created among opposition fans. None the less, Bellamy takes this round.


While Defoe is undoubtedly the better striker, Bellamy is more versatile in where he can play. If you needed back-up in a fight then the Welshman is your man, but don’t bank on him as a wing man on a night on the town. Still though, a popular man among Facebook users although I’m sure Jermain would rather have the ladies than the online following. I guess it’s up to you to make your own mind up? Hopefully I’ve helped a little though.

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