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Bergiristain, Soriano, Boixassa & Calzada : Heralding Mancini’s Exit?

Reports in both Spain and Italy are claiming that Barcelona Sporting Director Txiki Bergiristain will fly over to Manchester next week for contract talks with City. He will also be joined by a Barca club collaborator Joan Patsy as they add their experience to the City ranks.

They will become a quintet of former Barcelona back room staff, including Ferrer Soriano, Marc Boixassa and Esteve Calzada. This has sparked rumours of a full Catalonian reunion and the appointment of Pep Guardiola, whilst Mancini and his staff are gradually faded out.

Since arriving as manager of City, Mancini has been given strict targets and deadlines by the chairmen to ensure this multimillion pound “project” continues to develop. So far Mancini has managed to stick to them, but only just, as Manchester United came within in seconds of their 20th title. Mancini has already admitted that had it not been for Aguero’s last gasp goal, he probably would of been sacked, despite the chairman’s continued backing. From the start of the season the Italian has stated that he was desperately seeking improvement in the Champions league and with it looking like an early exit for the Blues, Mancini might be working on his explanation to the Boss.

Khaldoon Al Mubarack, the City chairman, is a wise businessman and not the typical Clueless billionaire owner. He understands that for a football club to grow it needs stability and patience, but continual improvement. He has invested a lot of time and money in Mancini’s players, staff and tac tics and any changes would have to be a gradual transition. We have seen in the past, most recently with Chelsea, that a team can be derailed if there is such a sudden change to the system, and that is something that will really want to be avoided.

I think is a great move from Al Mubarack as it gives City a plan B, plan A of course to stick with Mancini. However were City not to qualify for the Champions league knockout stages or regain the title then Mancini’s time may be up. Guardiola would be free to reunite with his former colleagues for a new challenge with unlimited funds and resources.

He would have a summer and preseason to integrate the new systems and make any signings that he needed. But for the meantime Mancini is still very much in charge and within his means to become a long serving manager of City.

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