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Guardiola must turn to Man City legend to replace their greatest ever player this weekend – Agreed?

City fans here in the Tavern are in absolute dreamland due to their sides progress so far, with European and domestic dominance not looking too far away. With Spanish star David Silva’s potential injury, it leaves a huge responsibility on the shoulders of whoever is tasked with replicating the midfielders’ brilliance.

With the hotly anticipated Manchester Derby up next at Old Trafford, there’s an added buzz that can be felt all around the Tavern, with a title race pretty much on the line, considering City’s current eight-point lead.

Indeed, due to the squad depth that Pep Guardiola has focused on developing during his time at Manchester City, it shouldn’t prove as the biggest of issues with the pedigree of players waiting in the wings. Ilkay Gundogan and Yaya Toure are the two obvious replacements for the midfielder, though they do lack that cutting edge.

The German has made 16 appearances for the club this season, after an injury infested first year in Manchester kept him out of contention, but now back in the swing of things he’s showed some glimpses of pure excellence in unlocking defences and conjuring up opportunities.

However, his Ivorian compatriot hasn’t shared his best of seasons with the side, due to his disappointing 5 appearances in all competitions signalling a lack of importance to the team. After being heavily criticized for his sluggish and lazy like approach at the growing age of 34, yet, he is still a player for the big games as proven in previous campaigns.

Therefore, in such a pivotal game in catching their bitter rivals at the top of the tree, who do you think should gain the possible starting place in the City midfield?

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