Manchester City

‘Six & The City’

After a sizzling and cracking Manchester Derby, the red side of Manchester was left shattered and brutalised.

Did anyone hear the news of an earthquake hitting one side of Manchester or was it just the power of balance shifting over to the blue side of Manchester. United have been lucky in matches against Chelsea and Liverpool and on another day they would have lost those games. City, however are a different proposition and put United into perspective. The derby was indeed a reality check for the United players.

Whether you want to call it a humiliation, demolition or annihilation, the 6-1 defeat on United would have put a smile on every single football fan that isn’t a United supporter. Not because we are bitter, but simply because it’s nice to see arrogant United fans silence for once.

Beside the minor hiccup at Craven Cottage, City have looked awe-inspiring, exhilarating and mesmerising this season. City fans must feel like they’re on cloud nine this season. Fergie used the words ‘noisy neighbours’ once to describe City, a phrase that has not left him and has probably come back to haunt him dearly. Whatever feelings you have for City, whether it is remorse or gratitude, City are not going to go away, they are well equipped to go all the way this season. This victory will only make them stronger. Are City serious title challengers? You would be dumb to think otherwise.

The 6-1 mauling was United’s biggest defeat at Old Trafford since 1955, and to rub more salt in the wounds, it just had to be at the hands of rivals City to do this. What kind of statement does this send out? I’ll tell you, a major one. Probably one of the biggest statements in Premier league history if you ask me. City have the bragging rights for now, they will be the team that everyone will talk about come tomorrow, and they are the team to beat. Defeating Manchester United 6-1 in their own back yard will send out a message to not just the other Premiership clubs, but to the rest of the world.

Mancini must be given huge praise for his efforts it must be said. There was debate whether he would go with a negative approach, play with two defensive minded players in De Jong and Barry and hope to get a draw at best. However Mancini had a different approach and he deserves credit for his team selection. He was brave not only with his selection but formation, he didn’t sit back and he went there to win. Milner and Silver were sublime, once ‘Why always me’ Balotelli scored, the two midfielders ran the show. Silva’s touch, skill and vision were exceptional. Silva’s exquisite pass to split open United’s defence would have even made the Barca players drool with awe.

It was a horrible day for United fans to endure and you don’t often see United fans leave the stadium too early on. ‘Noisy neighbours’, you better believe it as it was the City fans who were left standing making all the racket. Ferguson will have to come up with a different analogy from now on. For all the praise United had been receiving early on in the season, it looks to be diminishing as the weeks go by. ¬†They have been susceptible at the back in recent weeks and City used it to their advantage. All the talk will now be on City, and with the power of balance shifting to the blue side of Manchester, United fans however much they won’t like to admit, know they are in for a rude awakening.

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