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Transfer Scuppered: Player’s Father Slams City In Dutch Press

The father of upcoming Dutch midfielder Adam Maher has revealed that his son isn’t ready to leave his homeland Holland to move abroad just yet.

AZ’s Adam Maher has attracted interest from Italy, Spain, France and England, but as speculation increases to grow, a move elsewhere looks to be diminishing.

That’s thanks to Ider Maher, father of the Dutch starlet who has revealed that Spanish giants Barcelona are not the only team who has enquired about the young midfielder. According to Ider, clubs such as A.C. Milan, Lyon and Manchester City have in the past attempted to sign the talented 18-year-old.

“He could have joined AC Milan, Manchester City or Olympique Lyonnais a few years ago,” Ider Maher was quoted as saying by De Telegraaf.

Despite the ever growing interest from abroad, Maher Senior believes his son isn’t ready to leave the Eredivisie at this moment in time. He added: “It was too early for a move abroad, though – and it still is. Adam is still too young for such a big step. There’s plenty of time to leave in three or four years time.”

Maher senior may be seen as a concerning father or a father that is getting in the way of his son progressing, but to me he is making the right call. We have seen time and time again young talented players move to a big club at a critical point in their life. A point where they have the potential but it hasn’t yet been fully developed or mastered-only to then see it wasted in the reserves.

Maher senior took a dig at criticising Manchester City’s youth policy. He said: “His agent, Sigi Lens, isn’t even taking calls from abroad. In any case, we’ve seen what can happen to young players who join big clubs like Manchester City.”

As a father he has seen and recognised a situation that occurs too often in the modern game. In such a competitive industry we find young promising players lured at the temptation of joining the so called ‘big clubs’, to play with the best players and experience the fame and glory that comes along in the process. Once they have been deceived into joining they are misguided and badly treated. It’s not just City, it’s all the big clubs. Why rush his son? Earlier this year the Dutch league lost an exceptional talent in Ibrahim Afellay, he left PSV Eindhoven to join Barcelona in January and saw his year wasted by mainly sitting on the bench. He may have a Champions League and La Liga title to show for, but to say he played a helping hand in achieving both titles would simply be erroneous.

Too many times young players see a top club declare some interest in them and their eyes glimmer at the prospect of moving to a bigger club without actually thinking the whole process through. For me personally the father has made the right move, there is no point in rushing into joining the likes of City or Barcelona, it will not benefit him in the long run.

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