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Manchester United in for £50m Duo?

SilvaandVillaFresh from their 2-0 win over Barnsley after resting their weary heads overnight, Manchester United fans can wake up to the news this morning that, according to several ‘reliable’ sources, they are set to make a £50m double move for Valencia’s pair of David’s. Messrs Villa and Silva.

It isn’t the first time United have been linked with either player. Indeed only a few short weeks ago Ferguson’s name was once again linked with Silva, so other than lazy journalism, what has brought this story back into the forefront once again?

Well this time it is a Valencia director, Fernando Gomez, who seemed to admit defeat in his clubs quest to hang on to their best player in the face of growing economic turmoil at the club. “…our economic position is very serious. There comes a point where we can’t stand it any more. We may have to sell Villa” he admitted on Spanish television this week, as almost every half decent club with a bit of cash in the bank pricked up their ears intently and added Silva’s and Villa’s agents to their speed dials.

While United may want both players, any deal is yet still far from a certainty. Villa has often stated his desire to remain in Spain while the director himself only stated that the club would consider selling Villa, not Silva. There is also the very real prospect that a £50m deal for both would certainly be a much smaller overall deal for Valencia, should they decide to sell both players separately. Or perhaps Sir Alex think’s this is a Buy One Get One Free offer?

Then of course you have to add into this the Chelsea factor. With Ancelotti knowing that, if his appeal is successful, he is going to have to cram two years spending into the January transfer window, he may well decide to put in an offer that would put Manchester United’s offer in the shadow. Then of course there is Real Madrid who are always on the lookout for a new Galactico or two. Even more so considering their humiliating 4-0 Spanish Cup loss to Alcorcon. Add into that Barcelona, who may well be searching for a long term replacement for Thierry Henry and of course there is Manchester City, who can just put in an offer for a player that would not only relieve the Valencia debt, but enable them to buy probably most of the players in the Primera Liga if they wished to do so.

Suddenly £50m for the pair seems small potatoes.

So while there’s money on the table, Valencia deep in debt and rumours of Villa and Silva being sold, this story will come around every few weeks to tease fans of the big clubs. They’d be a wonderful asset to any club and as such, £50m for the pair may well not be anywhere near enough.

Why? Take a look at the videos below…

David Silva

and David Villa…

So would you spend £50m on the pair? Or should Sir Alex look elsewhere?

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Article title: Manchester United in for £50m Duo?

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