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Confirmed: He Trialled At Old Trafford

A 16 year old starlet of the Desportivo Brasil academy has set his sights high, aiming to become the first Brazilian to become the Premier League’s top goalscorer as well as lifting the domestic and European title with the red devils.

In an article on Talksport Bruno Gomes has pretty much made a move to Manchester United his next step in becoming a professional footballer, but at only 16 he has a long way to go before he can start banging them in at the rate of Van Persie or Rooney.

In ten years time if the top goal scorer in the Sao Paulo under 17 championship is replicating the form of Cantona, Cole or Yorke then no doubt every football pundit in the land will be latching onto this story and how it makes the human side of football come to light. Of course the main reason for Gomes desire for a move to United, I suspect, will probably be motivated by money and success, both superficial. Oh the irony.

Anyway the 16 year old has now travelled to Old Trafford for trials with the club so lets just hope that he is one of the youngsters that gets through and isn’t discarded for some reason only known by Fergie. I’m referring to the loss in recent years of youngsters that have gone onto look like the real deal like Gerrard Pique of Barcelona, Ryan Shawcross of Stoke City and Paul Pogba of Juventus. Right now Ferguson would love to have another commanding centre back or a midfielder being described as the next Patrick Viera. Although Viera didn’t score many goals like this in his career, click here.

Watching footage of Pogba as a youngster it is hard to see why on earth Fergie decided he needed to bring Scholes out of retirement when he had a young and energetic midfielder to play a similar role. Don’t get me wrong since his return the ginger ninja has been superb but ask any United fan if they would rather have a 38 year old in the middle of the park or a 20 year old and the majority would say the latter.

Many fans use the excuse that Pogba wasn’t respectful enough to gain a place in the first team and that’s why they got rid of him and in the case of someone like Ravel Morrison I can understand that stance, a man charged with witness intimidation on two accounts is the kind of player that uses his 9 lives quickly, but even so shouldn’t a club that considers itself a club of the people look to help rejuvenate such players rather than cut all ties to them and let someone else deal with them?

On top of that I find it a bit hypocritical of Pogba being called disrespectful when after being told numerous times he is going to be played the boss brings someone out of retirement to play his position rather than give him a chance.

Pogba is an example of Ferguson’s refusal to move on from the golden age of players at United and I hope for the sake of a 16 year old’s dream that it doesn’t happen again.

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