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Man United man is embarrassing Ed Woodward and treating historic club badly

There was an outburst of disbelief from our Manchester United fans here in the Transfer Tavern over the latest player to try and hold the club to ransom.

Marouane Fellaini has caused outrage amongst United fans across Twitter by rejecting a reported £120k a week contract offer that’s on the table. While Fellaini is held in high regard by manager Jose Mourinho and he does not want to see him leave, it’s not a view shared by the punters propping up our bar.

Amid reports that he may be off to Besiktas in the January window for £8m, our punters think things are looking bleak for the Belgian’s United career.

Since talks have begun over a contract extension, our barman has noticed that Fellaini’s performances on the pitch have improved dramatically over the past six months. Maybe he’s playing not for a new contract but more for a new club and there’s also an emerging school of thought that Mourinho’s praise might have gone to his head a little and got him into thinking he’s bigger than the club.

The local Mancunians here think there is only one way to go after playing for United and that is downgrading, unless the likes of Real Madrid or Barcelona come knocking. The Belgian is certainly not at that level, a mid-table club is more his level at present.

Currently, the way Ed Woodward and the board are letting Fellaini dictate as to what he’s doing and wanting is sending a bad message throughout the squad, especially with many United players expiring and in the same position.

This could create a shift in power over to the players when it comes to sitting down and discussing new contracts. Also with the amount of money floating about at the moment too, players are looking for the most lucrative contract going in their short careers over loyalty.

Our landlord thinks Fellaini should remember that loyalty shown by Mourinho before he uses the club as leverage for a more money.

Anyway, what are your thoughts United fans?

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