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Manchester United’s Green & Gold – A Beginner’s Guide…

When the cameramen do their shots of the crowd inside Old Trafford, you may have seen a lot of supporters wearing green and gold coloured scarves. You must be wondering what all that is about. Let me start by saying it is not the latest fashion accessory.

I’ll summarise this for you. The green and gold campaign has been formed to provide awareness as to the true implications of the takeover of Manchester United. The wearing of green and gold comes from the original colours of the club, a club that was not even called Manchester United when it was founded- the name was Newton Heath. 

The campaign is not really going to kick off by just wearing a green and gold coloured scarf around your Rooney shirt is it? I do not think that Malcolm Glazer will be nervous and terrified of what a set of scarves will do to him. It is just highly visible and the good thing is it does not create any violence. Let us face it, the Glazers do not care who fills the stadium every week, it could be the prawn sandwich brigade as far as they are concerned, as long as the cash comes in.

  • This brings me to the point that will have infuriated United fans the most. After it became clear how much the Glazers had been borrowing to purchase the club, we have now been met with a debt of a staggering £700m. Season ticket prices at Old Trafford have gone up to 60% this season. This prices supporters out of the game. With regards to the debt, where does the money come from when it is time for the repayment?

The complaints from the United supporters are understandable. They were sold short by the powers that run the club. The takeover was clearly opposed to at the beginning but now all the people in the boardroom seem to be keeping very quiet, almost as if they are co-operating with the Glazers behind closed doors.

  • Buying the scarves, the expensive tickets, pies and drinks at Old Trafford is money that is collected to keep the Glazers at Old Trafford. What the green and gold campaign hopes to achieve remains to be seen.

Duncan Drasdo, chief executive of the Manchester United Supporters Trust, seems quite optimistic on this campaign. He said: “The symbol has a power that has excited people and the momentum is happening without any need to force it.”

I do not see any power, nor do I believe the need not to force it. Practicality comes in to it here, but surely a green and gold campaign is not going to bother the Glazers? If you are going to do something, then it may as well be something proper. Protesting or finding new owners, whilst storming in to the boardroom at Old Trafford might prove pointless but it will catch the attention from across the Atlantic in the Glazers offices.

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Article title: Manchester United’s Green & Gold – A Beginner’s Guide…

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