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Revealed: 83% of Man United fans want Mourinho to avoid potentially huge transfer mistake

Man United fans here in the Tavern have spent the past couple of days trying to solve the mystery behind an absent Anthony Martial. 

The Red Devils couldn’t have enjoyed a better start to the season as they come out of the international break unbeaten from the 7 games.

With Mourinho keeping the French youngster waiting in the wings so far this season, his future has been questioned as a man who can potentially become one of the best players in the world is being wasted away.

Reports have suggested that Martial has attracted interest already in the form of a bid for the tricky winger as he looks to be leaning towards a possible exit.

The Landlord here in the Tavern organised a debate in order to ask fans the question of whether they’d like to see the star stay at the club. As the results filtered in, there was no doubt about the resounding votes, as 83% of people voted that United should keep the winger as its clear to see that fans are aware of his potential.

The youngster now finds himself left in a daze as he looks to find a way into the side, with a stern test away at Anfield being the next task for the side, we might possibly see this man feature.

So with the fans; support behind him, we will wait to see whether Mourinho continues to waste the talents of the young man or sees fit to incorporate him as other sides look to close in on the winger.

Thoughts, United fans?

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