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Revealed: Huge 84% Man United fans think Ed Woodward made massive mistake

The Manchester United fans here in the Transfer Tavern are still annoyed about the manner in which Jose Mourinho set up against bitter rivals Manchester City over the weekend. 

While the self-proclaimed ‘Special One’ didn’t deploy as defensive a tactic as he did away at Anfield earlier in the campaign, the sight of the Red Devils being completely outplayed by Pep Guardiola’s men was hugely depressing.

Naturally, that’s raised questions around Mourinho’s footballing philosophy here in our bar, leading our Landlord to recently pose the question: did Ed Woodward make a mistake in not chasing Guardiola harder when he was touted as a candidate for the job in 2015?

The Spaniard’s trademark style of play is more in keeping with the Old Trafford giants’ tradition and, perhaps unsurprisingly, those who voted tended to agree. Indeed, the only surprising thing here is the volume of people who think Guardiola would have been a far better fit than their current coach.

A huge 84% of polled fans think Woodward made a huge mistake there, with only 16% thinking he got the right man.

With Guardiola now building a legacy at the Etihad, it could be a mistake that changes the course of both club’s history.


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