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Should Diving Be Punished Even After The 90 Minutes?

I realise that this is a regurgitated subject that rears its ugly head every few months or so, but after watching the ex Manchester United player Ronaldo’s incident in the AC Milan v Real Madrid game the other night I thought what-the-hey its worth debating again as I personally feel that FIFA and UEFA have just pushed it to the back burner and avoided dealing with it adequately.

The subject in question is Diving or, as our foreign counterparts call it Simulation. I personally call it Deception as all it serves to achieve is to con the referees and rob fans out of a fair sporting experience.

Of course we all have our own views on simulation and where it originated from but I would like to address the ways in which we can eradicate it from our game and get back to enjoying the sport we love.

Wouldn’t it be nice watching football knowing that it is played without the possibility that, all the opposition has to do is wait for the slightest contact and act like they have been struck by lightning and win the penalty which at times can be the deciding factor in a tight game.

So, how can we finally see the back of this scar on the face of professional football? I personally feel that the new goal line officials can have a massive part to play. Whenever a contentious penalty decision is made the referee should be made to seek the advice of the goal line official as lets face it 9 times out of 10 he will have the best possible view.

If a simulation offence then is committed then the result should be in my opinion a straight red card for attempting to bring the game into disrepute. There of course will always be contentious incidents that can only be reviewed after the game has finished which, I feel the referee should be shown a video of the incident in question and if he feels he was duped or misled into giving the decision, then he has the power to give the offender a belated red card and the FA should uphold this.

Obviously this won’t change the result in as much as the game has already been played but, if players feel that by attempting to deceive officials they may get a ban all be it belated and it could therefore mean they are to miss maybe more important fixtures.

I for one feel that by implementing just this simple rule that simulators will eventually be found out and punished so much that they will eventually have to stop because they will be banned every other week.

The only people who can make this decision though unfortunately are the governing bodies.

Any other suggestions or views welcome

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Article title: Should Diving Be Punished Even After The 90 Minutes?

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