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United Plan Last-Minute Push for Sancho: Will it Work?

United Plan Last-Minute Push for Sancho: Will it Work? - Manchester United

Manchester United’s hot pursuit of Jadon Sancho doesn’t seem to be cooling down. In recent weeks, the Devils have gone head to head with Borussia Dortmund in a bid to finally secure the star, who has of course already made a big splash as an England international.

However, all signs up until recently appeared to be pointing to Sancho staying put in Germany. Yet, according to some, United have other ideas, even at this late stage in proceedings. Once the transfer window closes, will punters at STSBet have the chance to place money on the star opening for United this autumn?

‘Take It Or Leave It’

Even now, as autumn looms into view, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is still pursuing Jadon Sancho. But will Dortmund relent? The German side has continued to stay firm on demands for £108 million. The Devils, however, are keen to get their money’s worth out of bargaining.

Reports are reverberating that Solskjaer is keen to make one final offer. British press insiders seem to believe this will be to the tune of £90 million, albeit with £75 million of this available as an upfront payment.

Ed Woodward, Manchester United’s Chief Executive, is reportedly steadfast on the offer. It’s thought that, with the October 5th deadline for the market to close this year, United are tired of the back-and-forth. Therefore, Sancho will likely be heading to Old Trafford but only on the proviso that Dortmund negate £18 million from their asking price.

What Are the Chances?

We need to keep in mind that United has not actually made a formal bid for Sancho at all at this stage. £90 million, which would include additional benefits for Borussia Dortmund, is looking likely to be the Devils’ opening and closing gambit. Not a side to worry about trifling with pressure, it may well be the mother of all transfer upsets.

Sancho is reportedly very keen to play alongside some of his international teammates at Old Trafford this coming season. However, as with most transfer tugs-of-war, this scenario is firmly out of his hands. Further rumours suggest that the winger’s keenness to join United might just tip the balance. After all – will Dortmund be able to keep the star if he is unhappy where he is?

With United already keeping the pick of England’s crop in terms of Harry Maguire and Marcus Rashford on side, Sancho will be in familiar territory. However, United are playing a potentially dangerous game by bidding at such a late stage.

A Whole New Season Unfolds

The Premiership has just restarted, and with United set to claim ground against Arsenal, Leicester and Liverpool already converting on their first matches, time is ticking for Woodward and Solskjaer to bring their dream winger to the squad.

We have to remember that what United wants isn’t always what United gets. However, it would be a last-minute treat for any Old Trafford fans really wanting to see a bigger England reunion for the 20/21 season.

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Article title: United Plan Last-Minute Push for Sancho: Will it Work?

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