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Mancini Is An Out An Out Liar… So Say City!


Not a single player on the Manchester City bench heard Tevez utter the words ‘I refuse to play’. Mancini claimed back in September, in Munich, that Tevez refused to come on and play for his team during their 2-0 defeat at the hands of Bayern.

However after a club investigation, it seems that not a single person has backed Mancini’s claims. Not even Mancini’s loyal assistants David Platt and Brian Kidd have been able to back the manager’s claims. It can be confirmed that neither Platt or Kidd have been able to concur with Mancini’s claims that Tevez said ‘no’ to warming up.

Where does this leave Mancini? Did he make the whole thing up? How will Mancini feel to be betrayed by everyone?

However it has been reported that Argentinean striker Carlos Tevez will be charged today for refusing to warm up in Munich when he attends a disciplinary hearing on Friday.

The 27-year-old will also face a number of other charges that are expected to be announced early next week by City. Tevez who has been linked with a move away from Manchester this January will appeal any punishment directed towards him.

Maybe Mancini has to stand up and accept that during the whole commotion in the Munich events, he may not have heard the whole story correctly. Remember Mancini was angry that his side were 2-0 down, he was angry with Dzeko’s reaction after being subbed off, and perhaps maybe he took his frustration out on Tevez after their little misunderstanding.

Mancini is adamant for Tevez to be severely punished by City and even spoke of his desire for the club to get rid of him as soon as possible. Mancini said Carlos was ‘finished’ at City after the Munich game. He believes that refusing to warm up is in itself unacceptable behaviour and should not be condoned. Mancini felt at the time Tevez was not ready to go out and perform.

However according to Kidd and Platt, they believed Mancini hadn’t even considered putting Tevez on in the first instance. Kidd is responsible for handing the substitute form into the fourth official if any changes are on the cards. But no form was filled out or handed in anyway.

With Tevez standing strong by his own argument, and fellow players backing Tevez, Mancini is facing an uphill battle. Tevez will stick with his side to the story which was that he didn’t feel it was necessary to warm up for the second time after minutes returning to the bench. He has sworn he will fight his case to the very end, and so he should.

Tevez took a lot of stick from this whole fracas, his reputation was exacerbated and many looked at him in a different light. Mancini needs to apologise and accept what he did was unforgivable.  There seems no way for the two to solve their differences. The damage is done and it cannot be repaired. The only solution left available is for one of them to leave, but the question is who?

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