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Manicini & Bellamy Officially At War

I'd like to give him what ...FOUR!

The quotes from Craig Bellamy leave little room for misinterpretation. When a player claims that he hasn’t had a proper conversation with his club manager in nigh on six months it doesn’t take a genius to work out this is a recipe for disaster.

It’s difficult to understand where Mancini believes this is going. ‘Purists’ may argue that he is the manager, the player who is under contract ought simply do as he is told. But the reality is it doesn’t work like that.

Fabio Capello demonstrated in South Africa and again on the TV last night that the aloof approach, with British players anyway, just doesn’t work. At best it comes across as misplaced and at worst pompous and out of touch.

Great managers of British football teams were – indeed are – strong characters. Often blunt, world weary types with a low tolerance level for anything less than players giving them their full attention and full commitment. A simple trade.

So is Mancini a great manager, or a twit in a scarf with an increasing embarrassment of riches in term of playing staff to cover up his flaws?

What is certain is that this is a situation coming to a head sooner rather than later. Here are the quotes.

‘I haven’t spoken to the manager since February. There are a number of players, like Carlos Tevez and me, who he doesn’t speak to and keeps us away. I’m not sure if it’s personal.’

‘Maybe it’s the way he deals with things and it’s his manner. But I’ve got a fair indication of what they all think, though, as I’ve had 80 minutes in pre-season. I’ve even seen players not part of the club over the last three years get more minutes than me.’

‘There’s been two clubs in the top seven who have tried to get me. Man City obviously want me to go, but not to one of their rivals.”It’s obvious Spurs have tried for me but Man City have declined.’

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