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Mark Hughes Essentially Calls Roberto Mancini An Idiot

Ex Manchester City boss Mark Hughes believes Roberto Mancini is responsible for the whole Tevez saga.  Maybe Hughes is still feeling a bit aggrieved after being sacked by City and saw a chance to slate Mancini off.

According to Hughes, he believes the rows at City have been inevitable due to Mancini’s ‘autocratic’ style towards managing.

City’s build up to the Manchester derby has been hindered by Tevez’s disciplinary action and Hughes believes if he was still managing City there would have been no commotion in the first place. Hughes told various newspapers:  “It would never have happened under my watch.”

Hughes was not surprised one bit that there have been clashes involving Mancini. Hughes said: “I don’t know the guy personally, but looking at him from the outside, he comes across as autocratic. It’s either his way or the highway.”

He added: “I’m not sure he indulges players, tries to get to know or understand them. I’m not sure he’s that type of manager.

“Managing like that in the modern age with modern footballers is more difficult.

“To be an absolute autocrat and not be flexible in terms of how it’s going to be done and not understand your decisions can impact on players is difficult, because they do.”

Mancini has had problems with Adebayor, Robinho,Ireland, Dzeko and Tevez since his time as City manager and Hughes believes “If you manage like that, there are going to be clashes.”

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