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Max Clifford Releases Statement On Bale

Max Clifford is a man who has spent his entire career dealing with people in the public eye and one could argue he’s probably a good judge of character. Here’s what the silver fox said…

“It’s the magic formula, he’s young, he’s British, he’s a nice-looking lad, he’s got a lovely attitude. With Harry Redknapp keeping a very careful eye on him, he could make £10million, £20million, something like that, over the next five years from image rights, endorsements, things like that.”

“He’s already shown a lot this season but in the two games against (Inter), they have supposedly the best right-back in the world and he made him look second-rate.  He’s obviously an outstanding talent.

“But what a breath of fresh air, because he comes across as a very modest, down-to-earth lad – and you only have to look at Wayne Rooney to see the opposite.

“So the fact that he’s done it at this time comes across as a breath of fresh air for the English game, because all we’ve been aware of in recent times is money and greed.”

Max was of course referring to the tantrum hurling Rooney who insisted he was determined to leave Manchester United, as the legendary club had a lack of ambition. After this exercise in holding them to ransom he signed a five-year contract estimated to be worth £40million.

With Manchester United.

“Tottenham are a big club, they’re emerging, and he’s got one of the best managers in football looking after him and that is so important. Under Harry Redknapp he could emerge as one of the superstars of the game. Harry’s a sensible bloke with a good brain, he knows the wider implications of the game and the media.”

“He should stay there – of course negotiate, you get what you’re worth and a player’s (career) can be very short – but I think he’s in a very good place at a very good time and the best thing for him to do would be to concentrate on the advertising, the promotions, the endorsements.

“My advice would be to stay close to Harry, listen to what he tells him and keep his feet on the ground. Ability and talent is great and is much appreciated but humility and modesty is something that the British public love.”

“Is he married? He’s got to be very careful, he’ll now be the target for aspiring young WAGs because he’s moved into that superstar league. I’d tell him to make sure ’Uncle Harry’ meets with them and tells him what he thinks.”

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Article title: Max Clifford Releases Statement On Bale

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