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Memories Made In Aston

This summer, lifelong Aston Villa fan and author Simon Goodyear has written a must-have book called ‘Memories Made in Aston’.

The book continues the moral feel good factor around Aston Villa football club as it is written in conjunction with the Former Players Association. The foreword, written by club legend and fans favourite Ian Taylor, brings the book to life from the word go and dawns a realisation that you are about to read an accurately compiled set of stirring memories.

The book starts with a historical timeline of the major events in Aston Villa’s history. It might seem one of the simpler aspects of the book, but it is one of the best. It is educational, interesting and provides the owner with a comprehensive history of the club at his or her’s fingertips.

From there on, it delves into the memories of many supporters recounting their finest stories of Aston Villa home and away. The book recaps all the major games in Aston Villa’s history and all the major players and managers in Aston Villa’s history interspersed with pictures, trivia and random facts.

The ‘Heroes and Villans’ section consists of hundreds of one-liners to prompt your memories such as ‘Ugo’s loping giraffe-like stride’ or ‘Peter Enckleman v Birmingham City – say no more!’. It is a section that young and old Aston Villa supporters can relate to and it really encapsulates what the book is all about.

Overall, the book is broken up well, easy to read and as entertaining as it gets. Some of the stories in there…well you just can’t help but read the next one. And the next one. And the next one!

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