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David Gill has unsurprisingly come out in defence of Manchester United failing to reach their target of selling fifty four thousand season tickets for this season. It is thought that the club sold only fifty one thousand.

About the low figure Gill said:

“It’s pretty good in the current climate and the club is in good financial shape.”

How can he possibly claim either of those comments to be true? Two seasons ago United sold sixty four thousand tickets. And as far as the club being in ‘good financial shape’, don’t make me laugh. How can any business that is in seven hundred million pounds worth of debt be in good shape?

Last month United had to put the remaining unwanted four thousand tickets on general sale. Something they haven’t had to do in a long long time. A relation of mine was even being phoned and sent emails on a weekly basis in the run up to the league to convince her to renew her ticket. Like a number of supporters since the Glazer takeover, she declined.

MUST (Manchester United Supporters Trust) Chief Executive, Duncan Drasdo, sees this incident as progress for fans looking for the Glazer family to sell up, he said: “Up until this season they increased ticket prices aggressively every year and could get away with it because the loyal fans they forced out were replaced by others still prepared to pay the increased price.”

He continued: “The failure to sell out season tickets is very significant as the Glazers depend on an excess of demand over supply to exert control over supporters.”

It seems that the whole green and gold revolution may be doing some good in trying to force the Glazer’s out. Fans are fed up with the lack of investment in the squad and having their club run by ‘non football fans’ looking to make a quick buck.

My worry is that the Glazer’s may be too stupid, or stubborn, that the club may have to go bust before they’ve had enough.

What’s the opinion of United fans? Would you see the club go into financial meltdown and start again if it meant the Glazers would be gone and the club would go back to being run the way it always had been?

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