Mr Lee Predicts – Chelsea vs Stoke

Carlo Ancelotti described Chelsea’s recent performances as ‘Playstation Football’, due to the ridiculous high score-lines that would be more at home on a computer screen. I have a feeling that Stoke City may be wishing they could hit a reset button throughout tomorrows game. Or failing that just smash the controller through the T.V set in frustration.

After Chelsea’s massacre of West Brom and Wigan, it seems like a foregone conclusion that Chelsea will sweep aside Stoke by a lot of goals. Stoke defender Danny Higginbotham said ‘in football there are freak results and hopefully there will be another one of them at the weekend’. This sounds a lot like wishful thinking though, especially considering they lost 7-0 last time they visited Stanford Bridge.

Whilst were on the topic of freak results, considering that Chelsea scored five goals in the second half in their last game, could we see them hit double figures in some of their games this season? Perhaps I’m getting carried away there.

New Chelsea signing Ramires is set to make his debut. He has been given the ‘unlucky number seven’ shirt worn by a host of Chelsea flops including Quaresma, Shevchenko, Mutu and Bogarde. Chelsea fans will be hoping Ramires can break the curse of the shirt. Signing him on Friday the 13th could be perceived as another bad omen by superstitious types, but with endorsements from the likes of Kaka I’d be surprised if Ramires isn’t a big hit at Chelsea.

I expect Stoke to put up more of a fight than Chelsea’s previous two opponents, however we may have to wait until Chelsea play Manchester City in September before their might is truly tested.

My Prediction 4-0

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