My 5 Worst Premiership Referees

How many times a season do you think we talk about refereeing decisions? It would be interesting, if at the end of the season the FA could provide a table showing how many points clubs have lost or gained due to poor refereeing decisions and see if these things do indeed balance themselves out.

It’s not as if it’s the first or second time referees make mistakes, it’s an ongoing occurrence. They wonder why so many players, managers and fans vent their frustration towards them?

Stoke manager Pullis has come out and said their should be an introduction of a system that would see Premiership clubs vote for their most impressive referees at the end of the season, with the ‘worst’ three being relegated to the Championship.

Not a bad shout if you ask me.

There are my 5 worst referees, and I’m sure some will agree and disagree with my selection.

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