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My Greatest Goals of 2011… Did Any Of Yours Make The Grade?

The Premier League has produced some of the world’s finest goals.. Few better than in 2011, here is the top three..

Now Before I say anything else, I am trying my utmost not to be ridiculously biased here, but if I was picking three of the best Premiership finishes of all time, it really would be a struggle. Not just because I don’t think Christiano Ronaldo is everyone’s cup of tea, but if I let myself get too carried away, I’d be reeling off a trio of Muzzey Izzets greatest ever scissor kicks for a long forgotten Premier League dwelling Leicester City.

It is probably a good thing for us all however, that I shall be revealing goals scored only in 2011, so keeping my 1998 golden memories buried, along with Leicester’s goal record, I shall give you what I think are the top trio of goals that England in 2011 had to offer the beautiful game..

It is a shame that Norwegian Jone Samuelson’s simply astonishing header from yards behind the half way line couldn’t be put into this list, but just as breathtaking, my first goal of 2011 has to go to Manchester United’s child from footballing heaven, Wayne Rooney, for his angel like leap of faith resulting in possibly the greatest bicycle kick ever seen in the history of football.

The fact that this goal was scored against rivals Man City is mere icing on this already beautiful cake. This was indeed a goal to be remembered, I’m sure Coleen didn’t even mind washing the grass stains out of his kit for this one.

My second goal of 2011 goes to Jermaine Beckford and his brilliant effort for Everton early that year. The striker showed a staggering amount of skill as he danced his way through the Chelsea players, and with ease, placed the ball into the net resulting in a classic 1-0 victory at Goodison Park. Now if only Beckford could produce finishes half as good as that for Leicester..

The third goal on this list of stunners is from Liverpool’s Luis Suarez who smashed the laws of physics by curling the ball into the net of a helpless Stoke City. Although a goal like this may have Einstein and Newton turning in their graves, it makes my final best goal of 2011.

Now of course this is only my top three goals of the year, I’m sure you all have those that really get you going, but it cannot be denied however, that its performances like the three I have mentioned that make our Saturday afternoons all the more bearable.

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Article title: My Greatest Goals of 2011… Did Any Of Yours Make The Grade?

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