Neville ‘Outed’

It turns out lifelong Scouser-hater Gary Neville is actually a Scouser himself, well very tenuously, but let’s not let the truth get in the way of a good story.

Throughout his career he has reveled in stoking the rivalry between Manchester and Liverpool, in one particular derby in 2006 he grabbed the United badge and celebrated a late winning goal in front of the travelling Liverpool fans, which he was fined £5,000 for.

Neville also famously said: “I can’t stand Liverpool, I can’t stand the people, I can’t stand anything to do with them.”

But genealogists revealed on Sky1’s A League of Their Own, that the former Manchester United right-back and belligerent shop-steward’s great, great, great grandparents were from the city.

Host James Corden then presented him with his very own Liverpool shirt with ‘Neville’ and a number ‘2’ on the back.

The revelation prompted a red-faced Neville to blurt “****” on air, which was obviously censored. He also, quite understandably, refused to pose for pictures with the jersey and some of the panellists.

This of course brought no-end of amusement to former Anfield player Jamie Redknapp, who is a team captain on the show, and ‘fellow’ Liverpudlian comedian John Bishop.

Perhaps after years of Scouser-bashing and celebrating in front of the Liverpool fans, Gee-Dot-Nev will show a little more compassion to his Merseyside relatives….probably not though, and don’t expect to see him in the Kop singing ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ anytime soon.

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