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Newcastle Face Stiff Competition For ‘The Next Xisco’

Kermit the Frog once said, it’s not easy being green. And he was right….in a way. Newcastle fans would probably disagree with Kermit. I’d argue that whilst it’s definitely not easy being green, because you can never find the right socks to match, it’s even harder being black ‘n’ white.

Newcastle have had a rough season, and fans will be delighted if Pardew can just steer the ship through the stormy waters of Manchester United, Liverpool and Chelsea to the island of safety. After the sale of Andy Carroll, the Toon Army will be hoping (or damn near expecting) some sort of investment in the squad next season.

That’s where the subject of the latest ‘Metro’ based transfer rumour comes into the equation. Alan Pardew is reportedly considering a move for Barcelona striker, Manuel Agudo Duran or Nolito to you and me. It looks as though he’ll face some stiff competition from Neil Warnock at QPR as Rangers consider a very possible promotion to the Premier League.

According to the Metro, Nolito has refused to discuss a new contract with Barcelona and England looks like his probable destination, with the Premiership obviously his first choice. The 24 year old has played just 14 minutes for the Catalonian giants this season but scored 12 goals in 30 appearances for the Barcelona II team last season. Clearly, the quality is there and it’s easy to see why both QPR and Newcastle are interested.

With the talent Barcelona have on the pitch…and on the bench/physio table/stands….it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to work out that Nolito is going to struggle for his place amongst footballing geniuses like Messi and Villa. At Newcastle his nearest competiton would be Leon Best.

Don’t get too excited Newcastle fans, there still remains the matter of price. The Metro reckons Barcelona want ¬£2 million. That will surely alter because of the player’s lack of playing time. Toon fans will not have forgotten the disaster that was Xisco, another highly-rated Spanish player. The parallels¬† are obvious, so with that in mind I’m not holding my breath.

QPR will need to recruit if they want to come up and stay up, and the original Metro article has a smattering of Neil Warnock soundbites. Warnock was watching his mouth for once, but he did say that ‘we need quite a number of players for the squad…we need to fill 25 places.’ QPR may have less money for transfers, but they can offer extremely competative wages and it might not be a bad idea to wait for Nolito’s contract to run down.

It’s not easy being green, nor is it easy being on the same team as Lionel Messi. I think Nolito would sympathise with Kermit.

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