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Newcastle fans take to Twitter to slam rumours of NUFC sale

Newcastle fans take to Twitter to slam rumours of NUFC sale

Newcastle fans have been stung too many times by reports of an impending takeover to believe them anymore. It also helps them make their mind up when the source is an exclusive from former Stoke and Reading striker Dave Kitson on TalkSPORT, transcript via The Chronicle.

Kitson may give some decent soundbites to TalkSPORT listeners, but the Magpies really aren’t having it. According to the pundit, the Geordies are set to be taken off of Mike Ashley’s hands for a fee between £300 and £400 million before the end of the season. However, the fans are all of the opinion that this is just Mike Ashley planting the seed so he can get away without spending big money in the summer.

St James Park can be a toxic place when the fans are all in full cry calling for their owner to sell-up, and if these reports from Kitson prove to be true then it would be a weight lifted from not just Newcastle United Football Club, but from Newcastle as a city. The chances are, though, that it’s a load of rubbish, and the Magpies aren’t prepared to get their hopes up again just to have them dashed.

You can read the Geordies’ verdict on Kitson’s supposed exclusive here:

The Magpies are all aware that this is probably a load of rubbish and will be looking for some substantial evidence that what Kitson says has some legs.

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