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Mike Ashley could be set to ruin yet another Newcastle United season – Agreed?

The Toon Army here in the Tavern are becoming more-and-more frustrated with their side’s lack of quality displayed so far in this campaign. However, with the club up for sale and a potential buyer in the limelight, perhaps a change of fortune may just be around the corner if they can manage to push a deal through.

Of course, since Mike Ashley decided to put the club up for sale almost 2 months ago, things have been rather progressive with an immediate interest from Amanda Staveley, who’s looked to place a £250 million bid for the club with the view of it being resolved within the next couple of weeks.

However, just as things looked like they were taking a turn for the better, the pantomime villain returned to his old greedy ways by stumping the required amount up to £300 million in an attempt to draw more money out of the buyer, which has angered many Newcastle fans here in the Tavern due to the stalemate it’s caused in the process.

For a side that’s bordering a relegation battle things could be about to get a whole lot worse, with Rafa Benitez reportedly demanding a set budget of £20 million to acquire needed improvements to the squad, meaning that the halt in progress of the club’s future could just force Ashley to still be in charge come January time, with his inability to produce the funds.

So, for a side whose players equal the quality of many Championship sides, the lack of signings in the January transfer window would more than likely hamper their Premier League status, with surrounding competitors having the financial backing.

Therefore, could a breakdown in the sale of the club condemn Newcastle’s chances of survival?

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