No, THIS Is The Most Hated Club In The Country!

So, Jan thinks Manchester City are the most hated team in the country. Yes, I suppose people hate them because of the jealous of money and/or success, the same way as Chelsea, Manchester United and Liverpool have been in the past.

People are jealous and although that makes people angry like hatred does, they aren’t really hated.

I’ll tell you who’s REALLY hated. This is a team and a place that make myself and a lot of people show so much hatred, anger and ill feeling that, when I watch the 2018 World Cup announcement tomorrow, I want England to lose.

Yes, I would like England to host a World Cup in principle (and by the time you read this, you probably will know whether they will or not), however a bid that will then utilise a stadium of a team that has ripped the heart out of another club and give them even more creditability makes my blood boil like a kettle.

I would have had no qualms if the chairman whose name I can’t bring myself to say, had ploughed his money into Milton Keynes City FC (now extinct) to achieve the ‘Milton Keynes Dream’. Rather than that, he decided to kill Wimbledon as well as Milton Keynes City and create ‘the abomination’.

Today, I read that the aforementioned chairman say that;

‘I look down to south London and I see AFC Wimbledon at the top of the conference having fought their way up the leagues as a unique club and I think of Wimbledon spawning both of these babies.’

That made me physically sick, and I’m not just saying that! If you truly believe that sir, you are incredible pompous and have blind belief in your little ‘baby franchise’. A bit like if he was the father of Damien in The Omen and couldn’t see anything wrong with him.

What you have done is not create two babies, but kill two clubs and create a great movement of defiance and I don’t know what to call that other lot whose name I can’t bring myself to say, but they certainly are not a club in the ‘real’ sense.

A club you physically can’t bring yourself to name with a chairman whose name you can’t utter either. THAT is the true most hated club in football.


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