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No Top Side Will Employ Him: Harry Hits Rock Bottom

Former Tottenham boss Harry Redknapp has taken a trip back in time by returning to former club Bournemouth in an advisory role. While this could be seen as a nostalgic reunion for the 65 year old, he has now gone from possible England boss at the start of 2012 to being jobless at the start of the current season. Has the managerial star of Harry Redknapp finally faded away?

Such a rapid fall from grace is almost unprecedented in a manager environment, even some of the worlds biggest flops in managerial history have often been given another chance.  An example being Andre Villas Boas, the man who replaced Redknapp at Spurs in the summer, has been given another chance in football after flopping at Chelsea. The likes of Graeme Souness, widely considered an awful manager, was given chance after chance to impress at various clubs.

So why was Redknapp not considered at all this summer? Even at Championship clubs it seems he has been widely ignored as chairmen stuck with managers they considered to be a more viable option. Surely even the Venkys at Blackburn are not so blind as to ignore hiring one of Britain’s most successful managers? Of course we all know what they’re like.

Perhaps these chairmen (except the Venkys!) know something we don’t? Despite all his success for a variety of clubs in a long and distinguished career, Redknapp clearly lost his magic touch during the second half of last season.

At the start of 2012, Redknapp had taken Spurs 10 points clear of Arsenal in third place, and seemingly in line to make a shock challenge to claim a first League title in 50 years. However, what seemed like Spurs fans dream season almost turned into an absolute nightmare, winning just seven times in 19 attempts, with three of those being in the last four games of the season.

This horrendous run of form for the North London outfit would lead to a cruel consequence for Spurs, they wound up finishing below arch rivals Arsenal by a considerable margin. Even worse, was the heartbreak of finishing fourth place, but missing out on Champions League qualification, due to Chelsea winning the Champions League.

This terrible run of form coincided with Fabio Capello resigning as England boss, the media was whipped into a frenzy as Redknapp was considered the universal favourite to lead England to Euro 2012 and beyond. Harry himself bought into the hype of him being the next three lions boss, no longer guaranteeing his future lay with Spurs as he didn’t sign a new contract. It seemed to wear off on the players too as Tottenham squandered their best chance of champions league qualification in years.

Redknapp has not been offered a job in management since, either at home or abroad. It seems many top clubs are cautious, and rightfully so of the former Spurs and West Ham boss seemingly nomadic nature. They must surely be worried that at any opportunity, the cockney wheeler dealer may have his head turned at any moment by an offer from elsewhere. His talents as a boss are long and accomplished, but it seems that Redknapp will stuttering off into the managerial sunset on a Shetland pony, rather than galloping of on a majestic steed that all expected him to do.

Has Redknapps time come to an end? Leave your comments below.

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